Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It has been a very long time since we updated this. I finished the last chemo on March 27th and finished the radiation on April Fools Day. The last chemo was very rough and the recovery was also a hard time.

I had PET/CT scans on Monday 5/4. We saw the Doctor today and got the results. They were not what we had hoped. The original cancer has been reduced but it has spread to lymph nodes within the upper chest cavity. This means that I have to go for two more rounds of chemo. This will start next Monday. They will use the same drugs as before plus another even more toxic drug, if I can take it. Not looking forward to this. At this point in time surgery is postponed

The plan is to do a series of 2 chemo treatments 3 weeks apart. The drugs used will be cicplatin, 5FU and Taxotere (dosetaxel). PET/CT scans will be done following the chemo treatments. At that time the treatment plan will be reevaluated.

We really appreciate all of the support we have received. We need your support now even more than before. Keep your good thoughts and prayers coming.

(Sally) One of the things that I have learned is not to plan on anything too far in the future.


  1. Don

    I am glad that you are back blogging. Let me know if I can do anything.


  2. Don, many thanks for the update. Hang in there ... Margo and I are pulling for you! Vance

  3. Hi Don,
    May 23rd, I will be going to the church to take take down the Rainbow Artist's show..........we all missed you when the show went up - it takes time, energy,thoughtfulness and talent to make it look right. It only took FIVE of us to do what you have done alone! Please know that you are not alone Don and I and many others think of you often as you struggle with this terrible disease but we know that you are a fighter (I learned that when someone challenged your "hanging" opinion)- when you're right, you're RIGHT! Sending HUGS to you and Sally, Melva