Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am home now. I got home last thursday evening about 4:00. They sent me home with orders for a clear liquid diet and the feeding tube which is 24 hours a day.. I am getting all my nourishment through the feeding tube and apparently will be for the next 4 weeks at least. I have gotten permission from the doctor's office to add food by mouth as I can tolerate it, but I can see that that will only be a supplement to the feeding tube.

I am feeling quite weak and rung out right now. I can move around and try to move several times a day but of course have to drag my tether everywhere. We have a home health care nurse who will be coming twice a week to check on things.

We went and saw my oncologist on Monday. He does not think I lost any ground because of the two weeks in the hospital. Of course, I did lose the 2 weeks, but not more. I have restarted the radiation treatments daily (5 times a week with weekends off). I will get 2 weeks of that then I go in for the next round of chemo, which will be the last, then 2 more weeks of just radiation. After that will be a period of recovery from all the abuse and then they will operate to remove the part of the esophogus where the cancer is located. Of course all this is not new, we are back on the original schedule, a couple of weeks late.