Saturday, February 14, 2009

The first week is done and I must report that I had no real bad reactions to the radiation or the chemo. The chemo ran out on Friday morning and we went in to have the pump and attendant hoses removed after the radiation treatment. I have definitely started to feel better after the chemo was done (and I was able to stop the drugs they were giving me to help deal with the effects of that). These treatments are very powerful and you need powerful drugs to help deal with what they are doing to my body, but all the drugs also have side effects and pretty soon I don't know which ones are doing what to me. The main thing I have noticed so far has been a huge loss of energy, I think that is primarily from the radiation treatments. I spent most of Thursday afternoon and almost all of Friday sleeping. The inside of my mouth feels like sunburn as does the lining of my esophagus, but so far it has not been very bad. And I have a weekend to recover. The cells in the mouth and esophagus are especially sensitive to the radiation and I have been warned to be sure and keep it as clean as possible to prevent infectious sores from forming. Since I have a constant reminder of what it feels like, that is real easy to remember. Another problem is the loss of appetite. Nothing tastes very good any more and it is hard to think of things to eat to keep my strength up. I'm trying to do lots of small meals or snacks which means lots of tooth brushing.

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  1. Hang in there, Don! We missed you last night, but when you gotta sleep, you gotta sleep. I hope chocolate doesn't taste bad - that would really be the pits if you couldn't turn to Mr Hershey for comfort! Vance